CST 8.5" inches Solid Tire Replacements for XIAOMI M365/M365 Pro/GOTRAX GXL V2

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1x CST 8.5" inches Honeycomb Solid Tire

Replacement for XIAOMI Mijia M365/M365 Pro/GOTRAX GXL V2

Guarantied puncture and explosion Free!

NOTE: This tire can be mounted either at the front or the back of the scooter


How to put the Honeycomb tire in place?

To mount the solid tire onto the rim you will need to heat it through the microwave* 3 times for about 1 minute or to place it under boiling water for 10 minutes. Before you put the tire in place we suggest you to watch related video on YouTube.

If you are struggling to put it onto the Rim or seems impossible then please ask an expert/Repair shop to install it for you.

*measurements using avg. 700W microwave.