EZBikes - Warranty Information

This EZBIKE product has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

We hope that you will enjoy using this product. Its use should bring many benefits, a healthier means of transportation, no daily bus fares or fuel purchases, minimal maintenance and environmentally friendly. In using this product, you are a climate-change activist and doing your part to create a better earth for us today and for future generations.

In buying this product you benefit from:

            A guarantee of conformity (product conforms to description)

            A guarantee of production (manufacturing defects)

            A commercial guarantee up to 12 months from purchase date for all our products 

On opening this product if you discover a fault, or the product is damaged in any way, you must contact us immediately (or within 10 days of purchase)

Abuse or abnormal use of the product will not be covered under this warranty

Warranty does not cover:

  • Wear and tear on brake pads and tyres (including punctures)
  • Scratches, cracks or breakages from misuse
  • Oxidation of the product
  • Damaged plastic parts through use or abuse
  • Labour that occurs outside our facility
  • Parts damaged by accidents, neglect, misuse or abuse
  • Damage caused by a part not purchased from us.
  • Parts that have not been regularly checked or serviced as per instructions.
  • Lithium batteries which have a 12 months warranty.

NOTE: we will assess damage due to defective materials and damage due to negligent use or abuse of the product 

FAULTS: faults must be reported without delay. We will endeavour to guide you through ways of rectifying the problem by phone or by email. If the defect is covered under warranty, we will replace the part or the entire product if necessary 

CONDITIONS: the product should be thoroughly checked to ascertain that there are no loose parts or missing parts that may have occurred in transit. The same checks should be carried out periodically to ensure long-term durability. The product must be treated in a responsible manner and not abused, this is for your own safety and the safety of other road users. We also advise that all products are ridden with adequate safety clothing ie; helmets etc. Products must be ridden in a responsible manner and must not be abused for the warranty to be valid.