Anti-collision strip for Xiaomi / Ninebot / M365 / Pro / AOVO /

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Footboard Bumper Strip Anti-Collision Protection for XIAOMI M365 / 1s / Essential / Pro / Pro 2 / AOVO / Smarthlon..


M365 Bumper Strip Anti-Collision Protection keeps your beloved electric scooter away from bumps, scratches and scuffs and add a pinch of color to your device.

This strip protection allows you to keep your M365 / M365 Pro electric scooter in great shape and avoid any abrasions.

Being highly durable and really rich in color it adds another level of customisation to your scooter.

Mainly for use around the deck/footboard rim on the M365, M365 Pro and or Ninebox Max but can also be used about the mudguards or suspension (if you’ve added that accessory).

Available in red, black and white.

1 x M365 Bumper Strip Anti-Collision Protection roll for up to 2 scooters


Is it compatible with the Ninebot MAX? Yes.

Color: Red