Find answers to your questions regarding our range of Electric Scooters and Mopeds and Services

How does the warranty work on Electric Scooters?

All our electric scooters are warrantied 2 years from the date of purchase and with the exception of the battery which is 1 year.
In the event of a breakdown, please contact our after-sales service by email or by phone so that we can arrange repair or replacement of your electric scooter.
The warranty covers all unprovoked failures on electronic components, mechanical parts, the battery or the motor.
Please note that breakage, oxidation or water infiltration of the product will not be covered by the warranty.

What happens if my electric scooter is not covered under the warranty?

If our workshop finds that your product won't be covered by the warranty, we will then offer you a paid repair, the price of which will be determined according to the nature of the breakdown.

What if I made a mistake and want to return my Electric Scooter?

At EZBikes, we understand buying online can sometimes be difficult, especially if you can't see the product first. This is why if you regret your purchase you can return your order to us. It will be fully refunded to you if you return it within 7 working days from the date of purchase.

Please note that the product must be in the same suitable for marketing condition in its original packaging with all accessories, without scratches or other apparent damage. Otherwise, we will ask you to pay a reconditioning fee when the product is taken back.