X-Tech Hydraulic Brake Caliper for Xiaomi | Fiido M1 Pro/D4s | Engwe

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NEW! X-Tech HB100 - High Tech Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper for

 Xiaomi M365/Pro 2 / 1s 

Fiido D4s / D11 / M1 Pro


 The X-Tech HB-100 High Performance brake calipers combine unrivaled stability and braking performance.

Manufactured using specific technologies, these calipers are extremely stiff under stress, ensuring precise and consistent braking performance.

Dual Piston Brake Type which offers the most discerning electric scooter rider quality that meets design and greater safety to cater fully for even the most extreme riders. 

The caliper is made of high grade aluminum and carbon steel and only weights 210 grams.

It comes with an adapter which means you will be able to mount it either on a regular M365 / PRO 2 / 1s (mount included)

Also suitable for Fiido D4s / D11 and M1 Pro and Engwe EP2 Pro. You will require to re-use the original caliper support and adapt the height using caliper washers.

We at EZBikes offer a replacement/upgrade service for an addition of 20/caliper. Contact us directly if you want to book your upgrade at our Bray store.