How do I change my electric scooter tire?


Scooters are available in an infinite combo of outputs, drive types, capacities, and sizes. This technical blog about Scooter Tire Replacement is aimed at helping new scooter owners understand the theory behind different tire applications. Some scooters have solid rubber tires, some have urethane wheels, and some have pneumatic tires either with tubes or Tubeless like the cars. You have to tap into your inner mechanic and get your hands dirty, as scooter tire replacement can be very simple, or extremely difficult and meticulous.

Scooter Tire Replacement is a Regular Maintenance Task

If your scooter requires a new tire or wheel you will need to know how to repair or switch tires. You will have to familiarize yourself with your scooter type and application and apply your scooter model to this general theory about changing wheels, and tires.

Scooter Tire Breakdown: Size, Compound, Style, Type, and Specific Applications

  • Pneumatic Tires, Tubes, and Rims (Separate items come together to make a wheel)
  • Solid Rubber Tire With Plastic Hub ( two piece, Hub and Tire, solid compound with no air inside)
  • Urethane One Piece Wheel (Razor Scooter tires, or similar urethane wheel/hub combo)

Assessing Your Scooters Tire Type and Inspecting for Wear, Damage, Balding, or Punctures

Your Scooter tires will generally be pretty obvious, and if one or both tires goes flat they become much more obvious;). Tires that have tubes and a multi piece rim are the simplest because the tire has the size on the side. Solid rubber tires are usually one size only (6"), and the Razor type wheel, or Urethane wheel is generally 100mm, and comes with everything to bolt up and ride.The common wear signs are balding, puncture or slit, dry cracking, or flat spots. These are common, but anything is possible. Sometimes a repair of a tire will suffice, and other times a full replacement will be required. This is your call.

Changing Pneumatic Tires, Tubes, and Rims

The most extensive scooter tire to change is the Pneumatic tire, because the whole wheel needs to come off and be taken apart. The wheel itself unbolts to split in to two pieces. In some cases the Disk brake will be part of the wheel assembly. The mechanics are simple, but the work is meticulous.

Changing Solid Rubber Tire with Plastic Hub

The solid rubber tires and plastic rim/hubs are very easy to change. If your old tire is useless, then you simply cut it off with a knife or a sharp cutter, and disregard the tire. Place the new tire on the ground, and place the hub in the center of the tire with a little water and step on the rim. The rim will sink into the Solid Rubber Tire and you are good to go.

Changing Urethane One Piece Wheel

The urethane one piece wheel (commonly found on razor push scooters) is the easiest way to change because you simply replace the whole wheel. You will just have to take the old wheel off and replace with the new complete unit as you would do on skateboards and rollerskates.

Where Do I Purchase Replacement Tires, Wheels, Tubes, and Tire Repair Kits

There are some great Online Electric, Gas, Push, and Mobility Scooter Parts Stores that specialise in universal parts for most scooters. As of today, there is unfortunately no Irish company specialised in Electric Scooter parts so your best bet would probably be Amazon UK.

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