WideWheel PRO 2020 - 1000W - 14.4Ah Battery

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Mercane WideWheel PRO


WideWheel boasts two High-power 48V 2x 500W BDLC hub motors (That's 1000W!) which offer excellent hill climbing torque and improved riding performance for more demanding riding conditions.

This scooter unique Korean design will surely bring some jealousy among its competitors! The WideWheel main frame is forged with cutting edge die casting methods to improve the overall quality, strength, and aesthetic.

The front and rear suspension are made of 4 individual alloy-made coil springs that are designed to adjust to shocks and uneven terrains, coupled with the wide wheel profile, it's one of the most comfortable 8″ electric scooter!


The features and quality of the WideWheel Pro is remarkable!

The new WideWheel Pro is the most exclusive e-scooter on the market, a masterpiece of Korean engineering with an innovative and attractive design, coupled with extraordinary premium features. 

Powerful Motors with 1000W of raw Maximum Power: Its latest generation hubless motor of 500W nominal power, gives a power output / maximum power of 800W (per motor) and a maximum speed of 45 km/h (without limiter), both much higher than conventional e-scooters. With this engine you will be able to enjoy the WideWheel without fear of not having enough power and speed to face overtaking, circulating in lanes with other vehicles, and climbing any slope (it can overcome slopes of up to 25º).

It incorporates high performance battery, of no more and no less than 48 V and 14.4Ah. This gives us a maximum range of between 40-45 Km real. You can go several days without recharging your battery, or make long-distance trips without worrying about not having enough battery.

Unique Quality and Design: The WideWheel Pro has been designed to offer superior quality in the e-mobility sector. From the frame made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, following innovative high pressure casting techniques, to a unique and spectacular design that gives it a special class and distinction.

Comfort and Driving Comfort: In addition to its generous dimensions and ergonomic design, conceived to increase comfort, it incorporates a magnificent double suspension, and extra-wide rubber wheels (airless) filled with a special polyurethane foam. The driving experience is extremely pleasant, and especially suited to smooth city driving on roads and cushioning any bumps, curbs, or imperfections in the terrain.

The WW Pro features a second front disc brake, to increase safety levels with more braking power and shorter stopping distances.

In addition, since visibility is very important, it also has LED lights: a powerful double front LED spotlight, for safe driving at night, and a rear position and brake light.

Smart Display | Smart Control Display: Get accurate speed, mileage and battery charge readings. Better judge your battery status with the built-in voltage display. Shift from ECO mode (energy efficient and maximum range) to POWER mode (maximum torque and speed) at the touch of a button while driving. Set up cruise control with ease. Once enabled, maintain your speed for a few seconds and your WideWheel PRO will continue to drive so you can release the accelerator.



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